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Gail Kuhnlein

Gail Kuhnlein

How Happy Is a Lark

A joyful exploration of similes, by Gail Kuhnlein

How Happy Is a Lark? by Gail Kuhnlein is an imaginative and interactive collection of similes, brought to life through funny stories and vivid illustrations. Each page introduces a new simile and poses a question, which will engage, entertain, and educate younger readers. How silly is a goose? How quiet is a mouse? How angry is a hornet? The book cleverly combines wordplay with captivating visuals.

Each simile is accompanied by a silly tale, and funny illustrations that bring the simile to life. ‘How cool is a cucumber? A cucumber is so cool he always has a date on Friday night.’ The illustration depicts a dashing cucumber arm-in-arm with a date (fruit).

How Happy Is a Lark? by Gail Kuhnlein is a simple, effective, and memorable way to introduce similes to younger children. The book demonstrates the fun and playful aspect of language and will help develop children’s vocabulary. With further ideas for parents, caregivers and teachers, the book will spark curiosity and creativity, and will encourage a love of reading and language among young readers.

Star rating: 5 Stars

Summary: A sweet and silly collection of similes, beautifully written and beautifully illustrated. A delight to read.

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