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Gabriella Fiorletta

Gabriella Fiorletta

What I See is Love

A day filled with love.

A day in the life of a little girl, and her appreciation of the love that surrounds her. A little girl wakes up in the morning and receives a warm embrace from her mom. She sees love. Her dad drives her to school and blows her a kiss. She sees love. Her teacher greets her in class. She sees love. Her grandma bakes her cookies for lunch. She sees love. She plays with her friends at recess. She sees love. She looks at herself in the mirror before bedtime and notices how beautiful she is. She sees love.

What I See is Love is a sweet and heartfelt illustrated picture book by Gabriella Fiorletta about love. Through simple narrative and everyday scenarios that young children will recognise, the book explores various expressions of love in a child-friendly way. It is a beautiful reminder that there is love all around us and we are all loved. It shows that you don’t need to use the words ‘I love you’ to show love. Love is expressed through our actions towards each other, the things we do and the things we feel and not what we say.  It is also a reminder that love starts with ourselves, and encourages children to appreciate the unique qualities that make them special.

I enjoyed the gentle and dreamy illustrations by Nyrryl Cadiz, the pastel color palette and the crayon-style drawings.

A perfect book for a parent or caregiver to read to a child, to show them the are loved.

Star rating: 5 Stars

Summary: A sweet and heartfelt illustrated picture book, and a reminder that love is literally all around us.

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