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Dee Hale

Dee Hale

A Girls Only Club - No Boys Allowed!

Holly and friends build a clubhouse just for girls.

Friends, Anna, Kim, and Holly are having a sleep-over at Holly’s house. But it has been a long summer, and the girls struggle to think of something new and fun to do next. When the girls find Holly’s dad stacking old boxes in the garage, they have an idea. They want to do something fun without interference from Holly’s annoying little brother, Robbie. They decide to build a castle clubhouse from the old boxes in the garden, and paint a big sign that says, “No boys allowed!” Robbie doesn’t like tea parties anyway, so he doesn’t mind. The girls settle into the clubhouse and Robbie races around the garden on his bike, every time he gets a little closer to the clubhouse. But Robbie soon gets bored on his own, and he starts to pester the girls. They tell Robbie to go away, “No boys allowed!” So, Robbie has an idea. He builds his own clubhouse out of blocks. But when Robbie delivers tasty treats to the girls, they soon realise that it is much more fun when everyone can join in and play together.

A Girls Only Club -No Boys Allowed! is a cute and charming picture book by Dee Hale about a group of girls who build a girls-only clubhouse. The girls need their own space to do the things that girls like to do, but they soon realise it is more fun when everyone is included. Both boys and girls will enjoy this picture book. Whilst it is important that girls (and boys!) have their own time and space, the book encourages children to be kind to others, especially the opposite sex!

The illustrations by Remesh Ram are bright and colorful and capture the fun and mischief of children playing perfectly

Star rating: 5 Stars.

Summary: A fun, cute and charming take on the girls v' boys scenario, highlighting the importance of kindness, collaboration and inclusion.

Dee Hale
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