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Deanna Hart

Deanna Hart

Blue is the Only Color in the Rainbow

A little girl learns that all colors of the rainbow are beautiful.

Jasmine’s favourite color is blue. Everything she owns is blue. Even the food she eats is blue! When her grandmother buys her a big red monkey for her birthday, Jasmine is not happy. She does not like the monkey because it is red. Jasmine does not like the color red! The little red monkey is called Mango and he is upset because Jasmine throws him on the floor. He is upset because Jasmine does not like him because he is red. Mango has special powers and flies Jasmine to a special place. A bright, colorful place called the Prisma. Prisma is a world full of brilliant greens, reds and purples, and yellows and pinks. Everything in Prisma is bright and happy. But when Jasmine wakes up in the morning, she is back in her blue bedroom and Mango is left in the corner where she abandoned him. Was it a dream? Or did Jasmine really travel with her red monkey to the bright, colorful world of Prisma?

Blue is the Only Color in the Rainbow is a sweet, illustrated picture book by author Deanna Hart about a little girl who is obsessed with the color blue. When she receives a red monkey for her birthday, Jasmine soon realises that there is more to life than blue. Jasmine’s fascination with a single color is not uncommon and younger children will relate to her story. The book has a subtle message about equality and diversity, as Jasmine learns that all colors of the rainbow are beautiful. With a handy Teachers Guide at the end of the book, the story will help younger children learn about the importance of kindness and inclusivity.

Star rating: 5 Stars

Summary: An entertaining and educational picture book about equality, diversity, and inclusion for younger readers.

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