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Dawn McLucas

Dawn McLucas

Why Am I So Quiet?

A little girl celebrates her quietness, by Author Dawn McLucas

Eight-year-old Ava is a creative little girl, with a quiet personality and a love of reading. It is her first day back at school, and Ava is looking forward to seeing her friends again. Busy in her own thoughts, as she travels on the bus to school, Ava doesn’t hear her friend call her name. The friend asks, ‘Why are you always so quiet Ava?’ In class, her teacher comments that she has been quiet today, and later at home, her mom also comments that she has been quiet since she got home from school. At bedtime, Ava asks her mom if being quiet is a bad thing. Her mom reassures her that there is nothing wrong with her, and it is okay to be quiet. Ava has a school assignment about her family, and she learns she has more in common with her mom and dad than she realised. Through talking with her friends, Ava also finds the perfect response when people ask her why she is so quiet.

Why Am I So Quiet? by author Dawn McLucas, is a wonderful picture book for younger readers about a quiet little girl who learns to accept, and love, her quiet personality. It is a positive story that will help children to understand that being quiet is a positive attribute. It will help children develop confidence and self-esteem, and it will encourage them to accept themselves just the way they are.

This is a great resource for parents, carers and teachers to start conversations with younger children about personality and diversity. It will make a great addition to home and pre-school libraries.

As a quiet person myself, constantly asked why I am so quiet, I really connected with this story. I wish I had this story as a youngster, as it would have helped me understand that quietness is a positive attribute.

Star rating: 5 Stars

Summary: A wonderful picture book that will encourage young children to accept themselves just the way they are.

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