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Christina M Carroll

The Things I Love

Christina M Carroll

A young boy and his mom share memories of the past.

A young boy sits in his bedroom with his mother, looking back through an old photograph album. He looks at the photographs and shares memories of all the good times and things he loved to do, with his mother. Each photograph represents a time in his young life, a moment and a memory captured in a glorious colorful image. He loved to climb trees and go on fishing trips, play hide and seek, and go trick or treating. But most of all, he loved spending time with his mother.

Written in rhyme, with a numerical countdown from the boy aged ten to age one, this book will help build both vocabulary and numeracy skills. The book is a unique take on a traditional counting book, as the countdown is woven into the story. The format worked really well and will engage young readers. Children love looking back at old photographs and sharing memories, and they will connect with the story in this book.

I can imagine young readers sharing this book with parents or caregivers, pulling out their own photograph albums, and remembering key moments in their own lives. In an age where most photographs are captured digitally, this book is a celebration of the beauty and power of a physical photograph.

Overall, this is a sweet and charming illustrated picture book, and a perfect book to share at bedtime. The illustrations by Jenny Slife are wonderful. Vibrant, fun, and engaging, the illustrations capture the story perfectly. The main character is sweet and adorable, and I enjoyed watching how he developed and how his appearance changed over time.

Star rating: 5 Stars

Summary: A sweet and charming picture book, which captures the essence of childhood and the joy of sharing memories with loved ones.

Christina M Carroll
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