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Charlene McIver

Charlene McIver

Squishy Sand

Three friends invent a new monster wheelchair buggy and enjoy a fun filled day at the beach, from author Charlene McIver

Leigh wants to play on the beach with his friends Cosmo and Tara, but the beach is inaccessible for his wheelchair. The friends think of lots of different ways to enable Leigh to enjoy the beach – such as getting the dogs to pull the wheelchair across the sand like a sled, adapting the wheelchair so it glides across the sand. But it’s no use, nothing works! Until Cosmo finds some discarded tyres and they transform the wheelchair into a monster dune-buggy. The friends take it in turns to whiz down the boat ramp in the new wheelchair buggy. They speed across the squishy sand and splash through the waves, enjoying the beach and sun. A fun-filled, perfect day out, where everyone is equal, and everyone is included.

This is a sweet story about a group of friends spending time together and having fun at the beach. Despite the inaccessibility of the beach to wheelchairs, it doesn’t hold them back from having fun. The friends find a fun and creative solution to ensure all three can enjoy the sand and shore together. This book highlights some of the challenges faced by wheelchair users, reinforcing the importance of kindness, empathy, and compassion. But it is not primarily a book about disability, it’s a book about courage and true friendships.

A fun-filled book which captures the essence of friendship, and beautifully illustrated by Caroline Keys. It was a joy to read, and we can’t wait to read the next book in the series.

Star Rating: 5 Stars


‘A sweet story about a group of friends spending time together and having fun at the beach. A FINALIST and highly recommended.’

Charlene McIver
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