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Charlene McIver

Charlene McIver

Medieval Mashup

Leigh, Cosmo, and Tara are back for another fun adventure, from author Charlene McIver

Three friends, Leigh, Cosmo, and Tara are planning their medieval costumes for the school fair. Cosmo wants to dress up as Robin Hood, and Tara is planning to dress up as Maid Marion. Leigh wants to dress up as knight in shining armour, but is worried it will be too heavy in his wheelchair and he might look silly. The friends joke and make silly suggestions for his costume, using a cardboard box, a plastic barrel, and pieces of wood. Fed up with all the jokes, Leigh confides in his friends that every day he looks different and all he wants is to look brave and strong. Tara and Cosmo reassure him, but question why he can’t be brave and strong, and also funny. So, Leigh decides to do something a little bit different, and to mash-up costume ideas to show his full personality. The friends join in the fun and three new medieval mash-up costumes are created.

This book is the second instalment in the ‘Leigh’s Wheelie Adventures’ series, and it follows on from the first nice book nicely. Although, one doesn’t have to read the first book to enjoy the second. In the second book we see further development of the characters and their relationships. We learn a little bit more about Leigh’s personality, his worries, and anxieties. We also see the kindness and compassion of Cosmo and Tara, and whilst they like to joke and have fun, they are also very aware and sensitive to Leigh’s feelings.

Another fun-filled instalment from McIver, with an important message of friendship and inclusion. With beautiful pastel illustrations by Caroline Keys, reminiscent of a time-gone-by.

Star Rating: 5 Stars


‘A charming book about a young boy who just wants to fit in. A FINALIST and highly recommended.’

Charlene McIver
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