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C James Sweeney

C James Sweeney

Sadie Sasquatch has Big Feet

Sadie Sasquatch finds a sporting match.

Sadie Sasquatch loves going to school and learning new things. She loves story time, and arts and crafts, and she especially enjoys nap time. But her favourite time is recess! She loves to climb and jump, swing and slide, spin and play. But, as a sasquatch (bigfoot) sometimes Sadie’s big feet get in the way.  They get tangled in the skipping rope, smudge the chalk on the hopscotch board, and get in the way when she plays basketball. Sadie’s friends are not happy, and Sadie is sad they do not want to play with her anymore. Over in the field, Sadie notices a group of friends playing kickball and joins in. But when she is picked last for the team, Sadie thinks it is because of her big feet. When it is her time to kick, Sadie grits her teeth and kicks the ball as far as she can. She lands a home run and helps her team win the game. As Sadie teaches her dad her new skills, she soon realises kickball is the perfect sport for a little (and big) sasquatch.

Sadie Sasquatch has Big Feet by C. James Sweeney is part of a book series about a little sasquatch and her adventures at school. Sadie is different from the other children, and sometimes feels like an outsider. In this book, Sadie realises that her big feet are not great for many activities. However, they do not stop her from joining in and having fun. As she tries lots of different activities, she joins a group of friends playing Kickball.  Sadie learns that she has unique skills, and finally finds an activity that she likes and is good at.

The book teaches children important life lessons about perseverance, self-acceptance, and the importance of harnessing one’s own strengths. It reminds children that it is okay to be different, and it will encourage children to find an activity that is a good match for their own unique qualities and talents. It will help to develop inner-strength and confidence amongst young readers.

Sadie is a cute, funny, and relatable character, and her story and school experiences will resonate with many young readers.

Star rating:  5 Stars

Summary: A charming picture book about a little sasquatch who finds her confidence and skills-match on the kickball field.

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