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Brett Gunning and Stacy Padula

Brett Gunning and Stacy Padula

On the Right Path: Book Three

Shai learns the importance of healthy eating at basketball camp.

Shai lives next door to his friend, Jayden and his younger siblings, Jordan and Jasmine. Every day the friends love to play basketball. On his way to basketball camp one day, Shai’s mom gives him an apple for his snack. Shai questions why he can’t have a better snack, like candy, cookies or chips. Coach Pete starts the session with a thought of the day and explains the importance of eating fresh fruit and vegetables. “Eating healthy is the first step to becoming a strong athlete,” Coach Pete explains. As Shai plays basketball all day, he is grateful for Coach Pete’s thought of the day, and grateful for his apple that gave him the energy to play the game.

On the Right Path: Book Three, by authors Brett Gunning and Stacy Padula, is an illustrated book for younger readers about a young boy named Shai who loves basketball. Through basketball, Shai learns important life lessons. In this scenario, he learns the importance of eating fresh fruit and vegetables, to maintain a healthy lifestyle and to provide the nutrition and energy required to play sport. Coach Pete helps the children improve in basketball, but he also helps children with key life skills, through memorable coaching ‘moments’. Sometimes children will ignore their parents, but they will listen to trusted individuals outside their family. Coach Pete is a trusted adult and a great role model, that children listen to and respect.

This is a fun and educational book and will appeal to readers who enjoy basketball and other sports. Shai and Coach Pete are strong, positive role models, that young children will relate to and will enjoy following their stories.

I enjoyed the comic-book style illustrations by Maddy Moore.

Star rating: 5 Stars

Summary: A fun and educational illustrated book that teaches younger children about key life skills, through basketball.

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