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Brett Gunning & Stacy Padula

On the Right Path: Book Two

Brett Gunning & Stacy Padula

Jordan and his siblings are at basketball camp. Jordan is competitive, he wants to score the basket. He wants to win. But Jordan is so focused on the basket, he doesn’t see the opposition and he doesn’t see one of his teammates in a prime position to take the shot. He makes an error and loses the shot. Coach Pete takes the opportunity to remind Jordan and the rest of the team the importance of teamwork when playing basketball, and to always put the needs of the team before your own. Jordan listens carefully, and in the next game the team work more cohesively together and score many more baskets. Later that day, with Coach Pete’s advice still ringing in his ears, Jordan applies the same learning at the dinner table.

This is a fabulous book to help instil the importance of teamwork in young children. It shows the power of basketball (and sport in general) to change peoples’ lives, through the development of teamworking skills and other core life skills. It also shows the great work that sport coaches do in developing and supporting young people through life. This book will appeal to boys and girls interested in basketball and other sporting activities, and would make a fantastic addition to any home or school library.

We enjoyed the vibrant, detailed illustrations by Maddy Moore, and we particularly liked the diversity of images represented.

Star Rating: 5 Stars


‘More than basketball – this book shows the significant role that sport plays in developing and supporting young people through life. A FINALIST and highly recommended.’

Brett Gunning & Stacy Padula
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