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Becca Johnsey

Becca Johnsey

When We Are Apart

Author Becca Johnsey explores separation anxiety in a sweet picture book

This is a picture book about a little boy who loves spending time with his father. Father and son have lots of fun, playing games and reading books together. But when his father is away at work during the day, the little boy feels sad. He misses his father terribly, and hopes he will come home soon. The little boy’s mom comforts him, and explains she misses him and feels sad too. The little boy tries a number of things to pass the time and relieve the sadness. Breathing and relaxation techniques, keeping busy, and looking at the watch his father bought him. He also rings his father at work, which reassures him he will be home soon.

When We Are Apart by author Becca Johnsey is a sweet, rhyming, picture book about a little boy who misses his father when he is away at work. The author was inspired to write this book following her own experiences when her young son missed his father, when he returned to work following the pandemic. The book will help young children name and understand their feelings, and deal with their emotions. It will provide comfort and reassurance that they are loved even when a parent might be absent, and that the parent will come home.

With a list of activities to support families at the end of this book, the book will help families manage emotions when a parent or loved one leaves home. It will provide support and comfort to those who might be experiencing separation anxiety.

Beautiful digital illustrations by Mariza, created in a traditional style.

Star rating: 5 Stars

Summary: A sweet, rhyming, picture book that will help young children deal with their emotions when a parent might be away from home.

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