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August E. Allen

August E. Allen

I Love Dandelions

The difference between a weed and a flower is a judgment.

It is a lovely spring day and Theodore W. Mouse is keen to go on an adventure all by himself. His mom wants him to stay close to home and asks him to take along his little sister, Mirabella (Bella for short). The siblings go out into the field and see millions of droplets of golden sunshine in the grass, as far as the eye could see. Theodore is curious and plucks at the stem of a golden light. He takes the droplet home to show his mom, who explains that it is a dandelion, a beautiful golden flower that is often called a weed. Dandelions are natures magic, explains mom. A few days pass and Theodore and Mirabella still don’t understand why dandelions are natures magic. So, the siblings head out into the field one evening and discover the droplets of golden sunshine are gone, but there are millions of little moons floating in the sky. Theodore plucks at the stem of a little moon and takes it home to show his mom. Mom explains that the moon is the magic. But there is more magic to come, when the little moons burst into millions of sparkly stars.

I Love Dandelions is a magical illustrated picture book by author and illustrator August E. Allen, about mouse siblings, Theodore and Mirabelle, who go on an adventure and discover the wonderful metamorphosis of the dandelion plant. This is a cute story, with a sweet message about the beauty and wonder of nature, told through the eyes of adorable mouse characters. It shows that beauty is in the eye of the beholder - what is a nuisance weed to some, is a beautiful spectacle and nutritious food for others. The book will encourage young children to explore nature and see the beauty in all living things.

The illustrations are exquisite, and I was drawn to this book by the stunning front cover. If you are not a big fan of dandelions, you will be after reading this delightful book!

Star rating: 5 Stars

Summary: A magical illustrated picture book about the wonderful metamorphosis of the dandelion plant, with adorable mouse characters.

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