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Ashley Wall

The Day I Had a Dinosaur

Ashley Wall

Luke and his friends have the best-osaurus day ever.

Luke is playing in the garden with his dog, Bobo, when the ground starts to shake. He spins around and finds a real-life Tyrannosaurus Rex (T-Rex) in his garden. Luke and the T-Rex become instant buddies. But when the ground starts to rumble, Luke discovers his friend, Noah, riding a Brachiosaurus. Luke and Noah take their new dinosaur pals to the park, but the dinosaurs are way too big to enjoy the playground. So, they make their own playground instead, climbing up and sliding down their new dinosaur friends. They hear a roar, and their friends Emma and Mikey join in the fun riding their own dinosaurs, a Triceratops and a Pterodactyl. The friends decide to play hide and seek in the park, and soon realise it is not so easy to hide a dinosaur! They play fetch with the dinosaurs, using dinosaur sized tree stumps instead of sticks, they play basketball and baseball, and they even take part in a little dino-yoga – adapting each activity to make sure even the biggest dinosaurs can take part.

The Day I Had a Dinosaur is an illustrated picture by author Ashley Wall about a young boy and his friends, who meet a bunch of dinosaurs and have the best-osaurus day ever, playing in the park. This is a delightful and fun picture book, featuring some of the most popular and famous dinosaurs in the dinosaur family. The illustrations are bright and playful, and the characters are charming. I liked the diversity of the characters and the adaptation of the activities, so all dinosaurs could take part. Perfect for young children who love dinosaurs and enjoy imaginative storytelling.

Young people love dinosaurs, and they will laugh out loud at this dinosaur filled playground adventure.

Star rating: 5 Stars

Summary: A laugh-out-loud, fun-filled playground adventure, with a dino-sized twist.

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