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Ashley Wall

Lucy and Her Unicorn Get a Sparkle Puppy

Ashley Wall

Can Lucy and her best friend, Twinkle the Unicorn, show they are responsible dog owners?

Lucy and her best friend, Twinkle the Unicorn, are going to get a new puppy from the dog shelter. The pair have been working hard to show Lucy’s parents they can be responsible dog owners, making sure they make their beds and clean up after themselves. When they arrive at the dog shelter, they meet a sparkly, Sparkle Spaniel puppy. Lucy is convinced Sparkle Spaniel is the one and convinces her mom to adopt the puppy. They take the puppy home and name her Zoey. Lucy and Twinkle soon realise that looking after a puppy is hard work and requires lots of patience, training and love. They play with her, and take her for a walk, but when they start to clean up their room, they discover the gate is open and Zoey is missing. They search everywhere, but Zoey is nowhere to be found. Eventually they find Zoey and Lucy has an idea to open up a Sparkle Spaniel Training School, to give Zoey the training and love she deserves.

Lucy and Her Unicorn Get a Sparkle Puppy is a fun and sparkly picture book by author Ashley Wall about Lucy and Twinkle the Unicorn’s adventures with a new puppy, Zoey. While puppies look cute and are lots of fun, they are demanding and require lots of patience. Lucy and Twinkle must learn quickly to become responsible dog owners, and give Zoey the love, training and attention she needs to be a happy and healthy puppy. With lots of practical guidance for junior dog owners, and more than a handful of glitter and sparkle, this is a fun and entertaining picture book for readers who love imaginative stories, animals and adventure.

Star rating: 5 Stars

Summary: A fun and sparkly picture book for girls and boys who love unicorns, puppies and anything that glitters. Simply, sparkle-tastic!

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