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Ashley Wall

Ashley Wall

The Day I Had a Bulldozer

Luke and Bobo’s amazing construction adventure.

One day, a bulldozer turns up at Luke’s house, with his name on it. Luke and his dog, Bobo, hop into the bulldozer and drive to his friends, Noah’s house. When he arrives, Noah is driving a dump trunk. With their new machines, Luke and Noah build a gigantic hill of dirt and Bobo plays in the muck pile. When their friend Mikey drives by in a steamroller, he flattens everything in his path. Before Mikey can do anymore damage, the boys cruise to the park in their vehicles and meet their friend Emma, who is driving an excavator.  The four friends dig a new path to the ice cream shop. Luke cleared the path, Emma filled the dumper, Noah made a huge pile of rubble, and Mikey (after lots of practice) flattened the road to the ice cream shop. When they have finished, the friends enjoyed a well-deserved ice cream from Mr Popsicle’s shop. After a full day of construction adventures, will Luke make it home in time for dinner?

The Day I Had a Bulldozer is a fun, illustrated children’s picture book by author Ashley Wall about a young boy who had a fun-filled day with his friends, building a new road in his new bulldozer.  The book will help young children learn more about construction, the types of vehicles used in construction, and the types of jobs involved in the construction industry. Many youngsters love to play with toy construction vehicles, and this book will help them understand what they are used for in the real world. The book will help develop knowledge and vocabulary of the construction industry and might inspire younger children to get involved in construction, science, and engineering.

I liked the diverse representation of characters in this book, and the charming, colourful illustrations by Vaughan Duck. Luke is a sweet character, and young children will love to follow his adventures with his friends.

Star rating: 5 Stars

Summary: A fun picture book about Luke and his dog Bobo, and their fun-filled day of construction adventures.

Ashley Wall
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