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April Lopez

April Lopez

Napoleon: No Ordinary Donkey

Will Napoleon the donkey find his special and unique gift?

Arthur, a bouncing little bull, and Napoleon, a darling little donkey, are best friends. When a storm brews over Sunny Hills Farm, Napoleon follows Arthur into the little red barn to take shelter, with the other cows. But Brutus the bull does not like the little donkey in the cow barn, and Napoleon has to go outside, alone in the storm. Napoleon is sad, cold and drenched, and doesn’t know where he belongs. He meets a momma duck and her six ducklings and tries to tuck his head under his foreleg like the ducks, but he falls over. Napoleon is sad that he isn’t big and strong like Brutus, and that he can’t fly or sit in the rain like the ducks. He stumbles into the stable and meets Sampson the noble steed, but Sampson doesn’t let him stay in the stable either. Napoleon sits in a puddle in the middle of the storm, and cries. He thinks he doesn’t fit in and wishes the rain would wash him away. He meets Alfred the Great, the wise billy goat, who lets him shelter under the shed, and explains he has a special and unique gift. Will Napoleon find his special and unique gift? Can you guess what it is?

Napoleon: No Ordinary Donkey by author April Lopez is a sweet picture book about a little donkey, who doesn’t feel like he belongs. When a storm arrives, he is pushed out, left out, and has to endure the stormy weather all by himself. Until he meets a wise billy goat who helps him discover his special and unique gift. Younger children will love the adorable donkey character and will relate to his experiences as he is isolated by his peers. The book will encourage young children to find their own special and unique gifts, and will help them develop confidence and self-esteem.

This is a delightful book and a pleasure to read.

Star rating: 5 Stars

Summary: An inspiring and uplifting illustrated picture book for pre-school children, with adorable animal characters, and an important message about the value of friendship, kindness and inclusion.

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