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Angela Delf

Angela Delf

Trixie Bixby and Her 66 Pairs of Socks

Author Angela Delf presents Trixie Bixby and her stupendous collection of socks.

Trixie Bixby just loves socks! Blue, green, red, and yellow socks, patterned socks, striped socks, polka-dot socks, and many, many more. Any type of sock, you name it, she has it! Her socks are everywhere. Tumbling out of her dresser, hidden in her closet and under her bed. There are so many socks, Trixie struggles to choose.

When a new girl starts school, Trixie notices she isn’t wearing any socks. So she sets out on a mission to share her love of socks, and her enormous collection of socks, with the new girl and with everyone around her. She sorts and she organises. She packs and she gift wraps. She gives away her socks until she is left with just a few of her favourite pairs. Trixie feels good about sharing her socks with others, and finds there are many benefits of owning fewer socks. Less mess and more time!

Trixie Bixby and her 66 Pairs of Socks is a fun, quirky, picture book about a cute little girl with a joyful passion for socks. Younger children will laugh out loud at Trixie’s enormous sock collection and the mess it creates. Whilst the focus of the story is about Trixie’s stupendous sock collection, there is a subtle message about friendship and kindness, sharing and helping others less fortunate. Written in rhyme, and beautifully illustrated by Chiara Civatiis, this book will appeal to younger children.

Star Rating: 5 Stars


‘A fabulously fun and beautifully illustrated picture book about Trixie and her 66 pairs of socks. A FINALIST and highly recommended.’

Angela Delf
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