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Amelie Patel and Harriet Hessam

Saachi the Angel

Amelie Patel and Harriet Hessam

A beautiful and special angel is born, named Saachi Helen Patel

Ravi the Raccoon and Mahaley the Meerkat lived in a forest, with their large family and their daughter Amelie the Alpaca. Amelie loved to play in the forest with her cousins, but wished she had a baby sister. Ravi the Raccoon and Mahaley the Meerkat decide to give Amelie the Alpaca a baby sister. They decide to call her Saachi Helen, but they cannot agree what type of animal she will be, so agree to wait until she is born to decide. After months of preparation the family are excited to welcome Saachi into the world, but Saachi is not born an animal, she is born a beautiful and special angel. Amelie the Alpaca is sad, but her parents remind her that Saachi the Angel was a gift from God and would always watch over her. The forest was a more vibrant and beautiful place, all because of Saachi the Angel, and Amelie the Alpaca felt more love than ever before.

Saachi the Angel is a tender and beautifully written illustrated picture book by Amelie Patel and Harriet Hessam about a little alpaca named Amelie, and her baby sister named Saachi, born an angel. The book is dedicated to Saachi Helen Patel, the authors sister and granddaughter. The book gently introduces young children to the concept of infant death, in a sensitive and age-appropriate way that young people will understand. Through animal characters, the story follows a family as they navigate the emotions and questions that arise following the loss of a baby. The compassionate storytelling will help children understand complex feelings, while offering reassurance and hope.

A valuable resource for any parent or caregiver, to help initiate conversations about loss and grief with very young children.

Star rating: 5 Stars

Summary: A tender and beautifully written picture book that gently introduces young children to the concept of infant death.

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