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A.N. Stewart

A.N. Stewart

The Shotgun Shack Kitties: Bill Bailey, Please Come Home

A group of kitties embark on a musical adventure like no other.

A group of kitties live in a beautiful little shotgun shack in Gentilly, New Orleans, with their human, Eartha. One day, when Eartha is at work, a cat named Bill Bailey is playing outside when a butterfly lands on his nose. Bill Bailey follows the butterfly down the street and greets his neighbors, but none of them can understand him. He meets a couple of elder cats, who tell him they have a secret way to make all humans understand cats. They explain that the secret is in the power and language of music. The elders offer to teach Bill Bailey, and all the other kitties, how to play music. The kitties meet at the old oak tree and choose their musical instruments. When Eartha returns home, she is surprised to find all the kitties are gone. Sad and worried, Eartha goes out to search for the kitties and sings a song to bring them home. As she sings, she hears music and finds the shotgun shack kitties moving through the neighborhood in the tradition of a brass band parade, playing “Bill Bailey, Please Come Home.” 

The Shotgun Shack Kitties: Bill Bailey, Please Come Home is a delightful picture book by author A.N. Stewart about the adventures of Bill Bailey and other kitties who live in a little shotgun shack in Gentilly, New Orleans. Based on a real cat named Bill Bailey and other cats who live with the author in a shotgun house in New Orleans, the book features the song "Won't You Come Home, Bill Bailey" written by Hughie Cannon in 1902. This is a sweet and endearing picture book, which provides a great introduction to New Orleans and jazz music. With an adorable cast of feline characters, and set in glorious New Orleans, this book will enchant readers of all ages. The book will leave readers tapping their toes and humming along to the sweet sounds of jazz music. The colorful, vibrant illustrations by Virginia de Mahy bring the characters and the sights and sounds of New Orleans to life.

Star rating: 5 Stars

Summary: A charming tale of feline musicianship, set in the heart of New Orleans.

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