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Daniel Foster

Torment: Descension

A father does a deal with the devil to save his baby son’s life.

New parents, David and Grace, are delighted to welcome their baby son Matthew into the world.  But their lives are torn apart, when Matthew becomes ill at six months old and is taken into hospital. As the doctors investigate the cause of Matthews illness, David takes a rest in the canteen and meets a mysterious man. David opens up to the man about his life, his wife, and his sick child. The man explains that he has met many people in similar circumstances and provides much needed comfort to David. But, when David’s friend enters the canteen, he suddenly disappears. The doctors discover that Matthew has a rare and incurable autoimmune disease. David and Grace are distraught and take their baby out of hospital to spend his last few weeks at home.  Back at home, David prays to God to save his son, and Satan appears in Matthews nursery. Satan turns out to be the man David had met in the hospital. He shows David the future, where Matthew is happy and successful. He offers David a deal, to cure Matthews disease in exchange for David’s life. David agrees to an eternally binding contract, where David is required to serve Satan. If he doesn’t do what Satan stays, he will be in breach of contract, and Matthew will become sick again. The next morning, Matthew is in perfect health and David wonders whether Satan’s visitation was just a dream.  Until one day, Satan returns and asks David to perform an unthinkable task. Will David comply with Satan’s demands? Or will he break the contract and risk his baby becoming sick again?

Torment: Descension, by author and illustrator Daniel Foster, is a unique and creative graphic novel, about a man’s dalliance with Satan as he tries to save his baby son’s life.  This is a classic story of good versus evil, with an expected and horrifying twist. The novel begins with a heart-breaking story about a young couple who learn that their baby boy has an incurable disease. It turns into a horror story as the father does a deal with the devil to save his sons life.  

Torment: Descension is a magnificent first instalment in a planned series and will appeal to readers who enjoy graphic novels and comics. The stunning artwork alone, makes this a worthwhile pick.

Star rating: 5 Stars

Summary: A unique and creative graphic novel about a man’s dalliance with Satan as he tries to save his baby son’s life.

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