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Ryan Vernel

The Lady of the Loch

A paranormal mystery for younger readers, by author Ryan Vernel

Twelve-year-old Tyler Buckland is moving from Oxford to Lochview, a small village in Scotland, to start a new life and a new school. On the long journey to Scotland, Tyler reads a book about a small Scottish village, and a haunted house, Lochview Manor, inhabited by a real-life ghost, known as the Lady of the Loch. The Lady of the Loch is reported to be responsible for the disappearance of several local children. Tyler soon discovers that his new home is located in the grounds of Lochview Manor. As Tyler explores the grounds, he meets the caretaker of the manor, Archibald Macleod, and is invited along to a ghost tour. During the tour, Tyler meets another young boy, Jackson, and the pair share a common interest in the history of the manor and paranormal activity. As the pair join forces to solve the mystery of the Lady of the Loch, they meet another young girl, Shona, who is keen to support their mission. But, when Jackson mysteriously disappears, Tyler defies his parents to help find the missing boy. He meets up with Shona and her friends to find Jackson, but soon discovers the true identity of his new friends, and a secret family connection to the legend of the Lady of the Loch.

The Lady of the Loch by author Ryan Vernel is a ghost story for middle grade readers, and the first in the series of the Lochview Mysteries. This is a captivating novel, with a great hook and a gripping plot. The book builds suspense throughout, and with plenty of twists and turns, it will keep young readers engaged and entertained. Tyler is a relatable and likeable character, and young readers will enjoy following his journey, discovering clues and solving the mystery.

The book is a ‘light’ ghost story and suitable for young readers in this age category. It will appeal to those who enjoy mystery and suspense.

Star rating: 5 Stars

Summary: A captivating ghost story, with a great hook and a gripping plot.

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