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Jessica Lee Anderson

Naomi Nash: Saving Snakes

Naomi and her friends set up a new club to rescue snakes in their neighborhood.

Naomi’s mom is a veterinarian at the Austin Exotic Animal Hospital, and often brings home animals for rehabilitation. This time her mom is bringing home a five-foot-long, western rat snake, that had accidently swallowed two ceramic eggs. Naomi is looking forward to meeting the creature, but her brother Nolan is not interested in the slightest. Naomi names the snake Beauty and her mom shows her how to take care of the snake. Naomi decides to set up a snake rescue club, Naomi Nash Saves Snakes in a Dash, with Nolan and her friend, Emma. After Naomi completes a quiz to prove she is responsible enough to rescue snakes, her parents permit her to set up the club as a trial run. But their neighbor, Taylor, isn’t too keen on snakes and objects to a snake rescue club on their street. Undeterred, the snake rescuers advertise their services and get their first job, to rescue a plain-bellied water snake that is trapped by a neighbors pool. They also rescue a DeKay’s brownsnake stuck to a glue trap in the neighbours garage.

Naomi Nash: Saving Snakes is an illustrated chapter book by author Jessica Lee Anderson, part of the Naomi Nash series. The book follows a little girl who is inspired by her mom’s veterinary work and decides to set up a club to rescue snakes.

This is a fun, entertaining and educational book, full of interesting snake facts that will help young readers learn more about snakes, and other wildlife. Naomi is a cute and charming character and a positive role model for young readers. She has a sense of adventure, a love of wildlife, and a strong community and entrepreneurial spirit.

I hope this book will encourage even the most snake-phobic readers to take an interest in these fascinating creatures.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book and I look forward to reading more about Naomi Nash and her amazing adventures.

Star rating: 5 Stars

Summary: An entertaining and educational book, with a cute and charming protagonist.

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