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AC Bradburn

Agent Pangolin - The Mystery of the Shiny Moon

A little pangolin goes on an epic adventure as she is transported from the lush forest to the city of London, by author AC Bradburn

Sunda, a Sumatran pangolin, is busy foraging for ants in the forest, when she is chased by a frightened tiger cub. She manages to escape the predator, but soon discovers that humans with guns have entered the forest and are capturing the native creatures. She notices a human bundle her parents into a sack, and follows the thief to the ocean, where she becomes trapped in a fruit freezer, onboard a vessel. Several weeks later, Sunda disembarks the vessel and finds herself on the streets of London. She meets Sidney Squirrel and Hector Hedgehog and finds a new home in the Kings Cross Nature Reserve. It’s a far cry from the Sumatran forest, but she has friends, shelter and plenty of grubs to eat.

But, just as Sunda starts to settle into life in London, her home and community is put in danger again, as builders enter the nature reserve. Sunda responds immediately, and helps her friends to block a bulldozer, stalling the construction of a new office development. Her ingenuity and leadership is noticed, and Sunda is recruited as an undercover agent into the ‘Web of Light’, a secret, global network of nature activists. The ‘Web of Light’ has a solution to save the reserve, but first Sunda must solve the mystery of the shiny moon. Sunda sets out on her mission, and travels across London, through sewers, across the River Thames, and into the Houses of Parliament, where she discovers a connection with a great Warrior Queen.  Will Sunda solve the mystery of the shiny moon? Will she save the nature reserve from destruction? And will she ever return to Sumatra and see her parents again?

Agent Pangolin - The Mystery of the Shiny Moon by author AC Bradburn is an epic adventure / mystery novel about a little pangolin, who is inadvertently transported from the lush Sumatran Forest into the concrete city of London. Sunda is a charming character: little but mighty, strong but sensitive, feisty but compassionate.  Despite her own tragic loss, she shows great courage and determination, to save her new friends. The book highlights the devastating destruction of the natural environment by humankind, and will help young readers to understand some of the issues impacting our planet.

This is a great book for newly independent readers, and those who are interested in action, adventure, and the environment.

Star rating: 5 Stars

Summary: An epic adventure across continents, with a charming pangolin protagonist.

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