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Lisa Towles

The Ridders

A young private detective is thrown into the murky depths of the LA underworld, by author Lisa Towles


Private Investigator, Brock ‘BJ’ Janoff is investigating the disappearance of eighteen-year-old Anastasia Bergman, a student, model and celebrity, and heir to the Bergman multibillion dollar estate. Hired by her parents, and with no solid leads, the case is a mystery to BJ and his brother and business partner, Jonas. As BJ starts to investigate the case, he is faced with a dilemma. He is approached by a stranger and offered one million dollars to take an envelope to the reception desk of a luxury hotel within 72 hours. He is warned that if he opens the envelope, or if he fails to deliver it on time, he will be killed. He knows his brother would disapprove, but BJ decides to take the money anyway. But rather than take the envelope to the hotel, as agreed, he decides to hold on to it for a while. He is determined to find out why he was chosen for the dangerous task, and what could be in the envelope that is worth one-million dollars.


BJ sets up surveillance on the hotel, and enlists his old college friend, Jay, to help find out what is in the mystery envelope. Jay X-rays the envelope and discovers a folded piece of paper and unknown particles in a Ziplock bag. When Jay is later found dead in his garage, BJ decides not to return the envelope, and instead returns the one-million dollars to the hotel. BJ knows his life is in grave danger and goes into hiding, with help from Jonas and his neighbor Lacy. As BJ sets out to uncover the truth about the envelope, he recruits a former associate Miki Fine to help him replicate the envelope and its contents. As his investigation continues, BJ meets a homeless man and he is unexpectedly thrown into the LA underworld, where he discovers an extraordinary connection between the envelope, the Russian Mafia, a secret society, the missing teen, and his estranged father.


The Ridders by author Lisa Towles is a captivating novel about a young private detective who is thrown into the murky depths of the underworld and must use his investigative skills to try and solve his own case. This is a fast-paced, tense and gripping murder mystery / political thriller / science fiction novel, that was hard to put down. The book poses an interesting question, and I was gripped from the first chapter. With excellent, well-developed characters, and a complex but believable plot, this book will appeal to readers of thrillers, political fiction and murder mystery stories.

Star rating: 5 Stars

Summary: An excellent, fast paced and action-packed novel, part murder mystery, part political thriller, part science fiction.  Highly recommended.

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