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Jeremy Bazley

My China - Living Inside the Dragon

A fascinating insight into China and Chinese culture, by author Jeremy Bazley.

My China - Living inside the Dragon is a memoir by author Jeremy Bazley about his experiences and observations of living, working and travelling in China between 2002-2017. Bazley went to work in China in 2002, on behalf of a UK based entrepreneur, managing a joint venture with a state-controlled company making high quality cigarette paper for the huge Chinese market. During this fifteen-year period, Bazley visited twenty-four out of thirty-three regions, covering 73 per cent by region in all geographic areas of China. The book provides a unique western perspective on living in China, away from the more ‘isolated chattering classes, intelligencia and professional communities of the larger cities’. Bazley built a home and life for himself in a country where he initially did not speak the language. He benefited from many privileges that came with his job, but he also made significant personal sacrifices, that impacted his marriage and children. Bazley’s work brought him in contact with all aspects of Chinese life and culture, from Beijing to the modern mega cities and the rural countryside. Bazley describes his early days in the city of Jiaxing, Zhejiang province in eastern China; his experience of China and ways of life, including Chinese drinking culture, food, leisure pursuits, business dealings, politics and education; his personal life, and his travels across the country.


Bazley provides a non-judgmental commentary on China’s politics, economic growth and culture during a period of historic growth and evolution. During his time in China, Bazley was presented with various awards of recognition through the all-important ‘Friendship’, from the Jiaxing city and Zhejiang provincial governments in China.


This is an enlightening, engaging and entertaining book about an English man’s life, work and travels across China. I particularly enjoyed Bazley’s extracts from detailed personal diary notes, which were heartfelt, funny and fascinating.


The book will appeal to readers who are interested in China, and Chinese culture and politics, those who are considering working and living in China, and anyone interested in travel and adventure.


China is an amazing country and is now firmly on my bucket list!


Star rating: 5 Stars

Summary: An enlightening, engaging and entertaining book about an English man’s life, work and travels across China.

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