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Timothy Frazier

Lauren The Cow

A little cow with a big dream, by author Timothy Frazier

Lauren, a Jersey cow, lives on a farm in the countryside. When she grows up, she wants to be a jumping cow. But cows don’t jump, her mum tells her. Undeterred, Lauren is determined to become a jumping cow. So, every day, Lauren trains very hard and climbs up and down the hill to make her legs stronger. Tim the Fox helps Lauren train, and she starts to jump over small obstacles, starting with a single blade of grass. As Lauren becomes more confident, she attempts to jump over a fence. But she is not quite ready, and crashes into the fence, headfirst. Lauren is sad, and doesn’t think she will ever become a jumping cow, but with a little help and encouragement from Tim, she picks herself up and starts training again. The other farm animals notice her training, and cheer her on. Little by little, Lauren gets stronger and stronger, and her jumps get higher and higher, until eventually she jumps high over the fence. But Lauren doesn’t stop there! What will she jump over next? And how high can she go?

Lauren the Cow is a charming, illustrated picture book, by author Timothy Frazier, about a little cow with a big dream. Cows are not made for jumping, everyone tells her. But Lauren is strong, confident and determined. She doesn’t listen to those who tell her she can’t do it, and she trains hard to follow her dream. But Lauren knows she cannot achieve her dream on her own, and with a little help from her friend Tim and the other farmyard animals, Lauren does eventually succeed. She perseveres when others tell her it is not possible, and she keeps going despite setbacks. The book demonstrates that hard work pays off, and will help encourage young children to follow their dreams. It will help to develop confidence, strength and resilience in young readers. Lauren the Cow is a cute character, and the illustrations by Meritxell Andreu are delightful.

Star rating: 5 Stars

Summary: A charming picture book, with an adorable little cow, that will help to develop confidence, strength and resilience in young readers.

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