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Susan Justice

Children Who Dance in the Rain

Sophie learns important life lessons on a trip to India, by author Susan Justice

Sophie wakes up tired and is in a bad mood. She doesn’t want to go to school, and she refuses to eat her fruit for breakfast. She demands her mother drives her to school because it’s raining. Later the same day, Sophie’s mom tells her they are planning a family trip to India to see her grandmother. When she finally arrives at her grandmother’s house in a village in India, Sophie is shocked at how different it is to her own home. Sophie complains about the lack of cleanliness and lack of Wi-Fi, and asks to stay somewhere else. Sophie meets a girl named Nanaki, carrying lots of plastic trash in a bag. Nanaki explains that she has no parents and is collecting plastic to help buy food for her younger brother who is ill. Sophie visits Nanaki’s home, a house made of mud. Nanaki explains that she doesn’t have money for toys, but loves to play and dance under the night sky with the other children.

Sophie soon realises how lucky and privileged she is to live in a nice home with plentiful food. Suddenly, it starts to rain, and Sophie joins in with Nanaki and the other children as they dance barefoot in the mud and rain. Returning home, Sophie discovers that happiness doesn’t come from material possessions, but from being grateful for what you have and sharing it with others.

Children Who Dance in the Rain is an illustrated picture book by author and legal advocate Susan Justice. This is a wonderful, entertaining and educational picture book, which teaches younger children important life-lessons about gratitude, kindness and humility. This is a great resource for parents, carers and teachers to start conversations with younger children about privilege and will make a great addition to home and pre-school libraries. I particularly liked the book was partly set in India, and the diversity of the story and images presented.

The artwork by Lena Bardy is bright, vibrant and mesmerising, which brings the culture of India to life beautifully. Simply stunning.

Star rating: 5 Stars

Summary: A wonderful, entertaining and educational picture book, about gratitude, kindness and humility, with stunning artwork.

Susan Justice
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