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Paul Hock

Snowflake the Christmas Beagle

A year in the life of a little Beagle pup, by author Paul Hock

Snowflake, a Beagle pup, was born on a cold November day, in a barn in Ontario, Canada. After seven weeks in the barn, Snowflake and his brothers and sisters were taken into the farmhouse. One by one, Snowflake’s siblings were taken away by visitors and friends. Snowflake and his brother, Grumpy, were the only remaining pups, and they hid under the Christmas tree, afraid they might be taken next. Their mom provides comfort, and their human owner, Tricia, reassures them that the puppies have gone to good homes. Tricia decides to keep Snowflake, and her brother, Don, keeps Grumpy. The brothers are relieved they will not be leaving the farmhouse. The two pups spent their first Christmas in the farmhouse and each pup got a new toy and chew sticks in their stockings.

During Spring, the pups meet all the farm animals, including Brewster Rooster, Tommy Turkey, Chirpy the Chicken, and Bernice the barn cat. In summer, Snowflake and Grumpy liked to go on walks and chase wild rabbits, and in the fall, they meet a scary bear. On his second Christmas, Snowflake is reunited with his brothers and sisters, and he learns all about their amazing Beagle adventures.

Snowflake the Christmas Beagle is an illustrated picture book by author Paul Hock about the first year in the life of a little Beagle pup. Born on a farm, and into a loving human family, this is a sweet and charming story about an adorable pup who loves to explore nature.

With stunning, photography-inspired illustrations, by Paul Hock, this is a beautiful book that both children and adults will treasure. Caution, young children will fall in love with Snowflake, and might want to adopt their own pup!

With lots of additional information about dogs and the Beagle breed, this is a wonderful book for readers who love dogs, Beagle’s and nature.

Star rating: 5 Stars

Summary: A sweet and charming picture book, with stunning, photography-inspired illustrations, about an adorable Beagle pup.

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