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Nadja Springer

The Big Adventures Of A Little Tree: Tree Finds Hope

Can a little tree find new hope after a devastating storm? By author Nadja Springer

The little green tree stands all alone by the shore, waiting for the spring to arrive. As the snow melts away, he looks forward to the day his friends will return and they can play together in the sunshine. But there is a storm brewing, and the tree’s brothers and sisters must huddle together and shelter from the wind and the rain. Suddenly, the tree is hit by a bolt of lightning, which snaps off his favourite branch.

Tree is sad he is broken, and worried what the others will think. His siblings and friends tell him they don’t care how he looks, and that they love him just the way he is. His friends wait patiently for his sadness to pass, and remain by his side, providing comfort and support. Day by day the tree takes small steps to recover, and day by day he starts to feel a little brighter. Then one day, just as tree has learnt to accept his new self, he spots a tiny leaf growing from his broken branch. The tiny green shoot gives new hope and life to the tree. He knows he cannot replace his broken branch, but he is given a new sense of purpose and pride as he cares and nurtures the new life.

Tree Finds Hope by author Nadja Springer, is a beautifully written and illustrated picture book, and the second instalment in The Big Adventures of a Little Tree series. The tree faces a new challenge in the second book, when he is struck by lightening and disfigured. He is sad and depressed, and thinks that no one will love him because of the way he looks. His friends care for the tree during this time, waiting patiently for him to recover and providing comfort and support when he needs it.

This is a fun and engaging read, beautifully written in rhyme. The fun tree characters and broken-branch analogy will help young children understand complex issues, such as body image, inclusion and diversity, and self-acceptance. The book will help young children to understand the importance of self-acceptance, and of accepting others just the way they are. It will encourage them to show kindness and compassion to others, and to care for others in need.

Star rating: 5 Stars

Summary: A beautifully written and illustrated picture book about inclusion and diversity.

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