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L.A.D. Publishing

Space Monkey: Mars Mission Report

A mischievous monkey is on a mission to Mars, by LAD publishing!

Space Monkey: Mars Mission Report is a cute picture book for young readers, about the planetary system and space exploration. A little monkey is on a big, intergalactic mission to share his stories of his travels through space. His first stop is one of Earth’s closest neighbours, the magnificent red planet, Mars. But, do you know why it is called the red planet? Do you know Mars has a mountain three times bigger than Mount Everest? And do you know Mars has two moons? The book provides an incredible insight into the wonders of Mars, which will spark young people’s curiosity, and encourage them to learn more about science, engineering and technology.

This is a wonderful picture book, which is insightful and inspiring, entertaining and educational, funny and factual. With an adorable monkey character, amazing illustrations and interesting factoids, this book will appeal to budding astronomers, and young readers interested in the solar system and space exploration.

The digital illustrations by Lana Vivchar are bright, colourful, and funny. I particularly liked the cute little additions, (Paddington Bear, the baby bottle, and flying cookies) which will keep readers entertained for hours.

I look forward to learning about Jupiter next, and more space adventures from the mischievous monkey.

Written by three inspirational young men, this book will inspire readers of all ages.

Star rating: 5 Stars

Summary: An inspiring book about space travel, by three inspiring young men.

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