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Joanne Russo Insull

Don't Follow Pino!

Brothers, Dugan and Pino, escape their yard and are lost far away from home, by author Joanne Russo Insull

This is a picture book for young readers about two dogs, brothers Dugan and Pino. Dugan loves to go on a walk with his mom and big brother, Pino. Every morning, they walk around their neighborhood and meet lots of new people. Dugan and Pino try to be on their best behavior when they walk on their leash, and if they are very lucky they might even receive a nice treat or two. When they are not out walking, they like to play outside in their back yard. The yard is locked and safe, and Dugan and Pino run and play with the squirrels and chipmunks. But one day, a workman who is fixing a pole behind the house, forgets to shut the gate. Pino suggests to Dugan that they go on a walk outside, without their mom. Dugan is reluctant, he knows they shouldn’t leave the yard alone, but Pino is persistent. Dugan is scared they will get lost, or get into big trouble, but he follows Pino through the gate and out into the street. He tells himself, “Don’t follow Pino!”, but he continues to follow him into a field, far away from home.

As Dugan becomes more concerned, he hears his mom calling from the other side of the field. He turns around and sees her waving at the entrance, walking quickly towards them. But Pino thinks it’s a game, and he runs even further away. Suddenly, Dugan notices his mom turn around and walk slowly in the opposite direction. Dugan panics and decides to follow his mom rather than Pino. He runs as fast as he can to catch up with his mom, and Pino follows closely behind. Mom is happy to see her boys again, and quickly puts on their leashes. Dugan feels bad for scaring mom and promises never to run away again. Pino, on the other hand, has other ideas!

Don't Follow Pino! by Joanne Russo Insull is a sweet picture book about a couple of mischievous dogs, who escape the safety of their back yard and become lost far away from home. Dugan is influenced by his older brother, Pino, and tags along even though he knows he shouldn’t. Mom eventually finds them, but Pino thinks it’s a game, and runs away. Mom’s quick reaction is to turn and walk in the opposite direction, to bring the boys safely home. Dugan and Pino are sweet and adorable characters, and younger children will enjoy reading about their exciting adventure. This is a fun read for the whole family, but there are some important messages for young people too, about peer pressure, following rules, personal safety.

Star rating: 5 Stars

Summary: A sweet picture book about two mischievous pups, and a fun read for the whole family.

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