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Jennifer Welborn

Dr. Rosie Helps the Animals

Dr. Rosie finds alternative treatments for her animal friends.

Rosie loves to help animals, just like her mom. She asks lots of questions as her mom treats and cares for the animals in her veterinary practice. She watches her mom treat a puppy with a cut on his ear, and then Rosie decides to go out and help real live animals. She uses her new skills to treat a rabbit with a poorly ear, a pig with a swollen tummy, a giraffe with a sore throat, an elephant with a stuffy nose, an ostrich with an injured knee, a crocodile with a painful tooth, an octopus with a bump on his head, a beluga whale with a nasty rash, a polar bear with a fever, and an owl with an allergy. Rosie uses natural remedies, including gel from the aloe plant, honey, salt water, a cold compress, and rest and water. But most importantly, she offers lots of kisses and cuddles!

Dr. Rosie Helps the Animals by author Jennifer Welborn is a children’s picture book about a little girl who loves animals and wants to help care for them and make them better. This is a cute, engaging and funny picture book that will appeal to younger readers who love animals and nature. The book explores a range of animal symptoms, diagnoses, and natural treatments, informed by real-life veterinarians and scientists. The book will help children learn about different animals, their symptoms and natural remedy treatments. It will encourage children to show empathy towards animals and could inspire them to get involved in animal health and welfare, for example as a veterinary surgeon, nurse, or volunteer.

I particularly like that the book focuses on natural remedies and could help to support further discussions about alternative treatments, for both humans and animals. I enjoyed the colourful illustrations by Rozillia MH and the diversity of the characters represented.

Star rating: 5 Stars

Summary: A cute, engaging and funny picture book for younger readers who love animals and nature.

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