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H. R. Manske

Doppy and the Runaway Balloons

Will Doppy Dopperton retrieve his special balloons?

Doppy Dopperton, a very happy Dop, lives in Dop Town. One day he hops to the town and buys three brightly coloured balloons, blue, yellow and red. But poor Doppy trips and falls and loses his grip on his special balloons. The balloons float up, up, up, and away, far out of reach. Doppy chases the balloons, but they are blown further away by a bird, sent down the river by a frog, and snatched by a bunny. But fear not, little Doppy, there are other interesting things to explore in the sky.

Doppy and the Runaway Balloons by author H. R. Manske is a fun, entertaining and uplifting illustrated picture book about a little Doppy who has a magical, fun adventure with three balloons. But when he loses the balloons, he goes on a challenging journey to retrieve them. While he doesn’t catch his balloons, he does find something very special instead. It is a beautifully simple and inspiring picture book, that will help teach young children never to give up hope and never to dwell on things when they don’t go to plan.

Written in rhyme, with lots of alliteration, this is a great read together book. Young children will love the cute little Doppy character, and the brightly coloured illustrations.

Star rating: 5 Stars

Summary: A fun, entertaining and uplifting illustrated picture book about a cute little character and his love of balloons.

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