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Charly Froh

How to Solve the Mystery of Crying

Space-robot Novo travels to earth to solve a mystery, by author Charly Froh

Space robot, Novo, from the planet Infinita, is back for another exciting adventure. His week starts with shopping at the Martian Market, but on his way home, Novo is caught up in a space storm that destroys his venus-bot flowers, and causes liquid to leak from his laser eyes. Novo tries everything to make the liquid stop, but nothing will stop the drip-drop dripping. His only option is to contact his earthling friends. They will know exactly what to do! So, Novo whistles for his scooter, vrooms towards earth, and is reunited with his earthling friends. The earthlings explain the liquid is tears from crying, and people can cry when they are happy, joyful, angry or frustrated. But, Novo still cannot explain his tears as he feels neither happy, joyful, angry or frustrated. The earthlings listen to Novo’s story, how the space storm destroyed his precious flowers, and how he feared the rain would rust his body, and then suddenly the tears stopped. With a little help from his earthling friends, Novo realised his tears were tears of sadness, and that talking about his sadness helped him feel much better. Novo returned back to Infinita to share his news with all the other space-bots.

How to Solve the Mystery of Crying by author Charly Froh is a cute and funny picture book about an adorable little robot who travels to earth to solve the mystery of his leaking eyes. This is a delightful book and Novo is a sweet and adorable character, who will appeal to younger readers.

The book deals with a complex topic in a really simple, engaging and age-appropriate way, and will encourage young readers to share and discuss their thoughts and feelings with others.

The illustrations by Zuzana Svobodova are bright and engaging, and with lots of interesting and funny details, will keep readers entertained for hours.

Star rating: 5 Stars

Summary: A delightful picture book about a sweet and adorable robot character, who goes on a space-tastic adventure to solve the mystery of crying.

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