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Charlene McIver

Nature Study Buddies

A wonderful, third instalment in the Leigh’s Wheelie Adventures series, by author Charlene McIver

Friends, Tara, Cosmo and Leigh are conducting a nature study project at school. Their task is to take an animal picture, record an animal call, and find a food sample and a biological specimen. Leigh suggests they study nocturnal animals, and Cosmo agrees the creatures in Leigh’s tree would make a great study project. But Leigh is disappointed he cannot help his friends search for specimens in the tree. Tara and Cosmo do not want Leigh to miss out on the night-time adventure, and they practice hoisting him up into the tree by the ropes on the swing. As Leigh enjoys the view from the tree, he is attacked by an angry magpie protecting her babies. Leigh thinks the tree swing is unsafe and decides not to join in the tree climbing activities. As Tara and Cosmo climb the tree, Leigh feels left out. But Leigh is surprised to find a number of nocturnal creatures on the ground, and photographs a strange bird, a bandicoot and a frog. Tara and Cosmo descend from the tree disappointed not to find any nocturnal creatures, while Leigh finds a tawny frogmouth feather and shows his friends the photographs he captured. The friends find everything on their list and look forward to sharing their discoveries at school.

Nature Study Buddies is a fun picture book by Charlene McIver and the third in the series of Leigh’s Wheelie Adventures. This is a super addition to the series about Leigh, a child with a disability, who loves to have fun with his friends Tara and Cosmo. This time, a school nature project sees the friends climbing trees and exploring nature in the dark. Leigh doesn’t want to miss out on the activities and his friends make sure he is included by hoisting him into the tree. But Leigh recognises his own limitations and puts his own safety first, while at the same time, finds alternative methods to join in the fun.

This is a wonderful book about friendship, inclusion and diversity, beautifully illustrated in a traditional style by Claudia Gadotti.

Star rating: 5 Stars

Summary: A wonderful and fun picture book about friendship, inclusion and diversity.

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