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C. James Sweeney

Sadie Sasquatch Goes to School

How will a little sasquatch fit in at school?

It is Sadie Sasquatch’s first day at kindergarten. She is excited to make new friends, but everyone stares at her. Her backpack is homemade and different to all the other backpacks. Sadie wonders why everyone is staring at her and decides to make her classmates laugh by passing gas. Some children laugh, but others do not, and Sadie’s teacher is not amused. Sadie is embarrassed but determined not to let it ruin her first day at school. Sadie enjoys art class but is told off again for picking her nose with a paint brush. At snack time, Sadie makes a big mess, but shares her favourite food with a boy who doesn’t have a snack. When Sadie arrives at home, she tells her dad all about her first day and has a few things to teach him too!

Sadie Sasquatch Goes to School by author C. James Sweeney is an illustrated picture book about a little sasquatch’s (bigfoot) first day in kindergarten. This is a funny and engaging picture book, that will delight young readers. Sadie has never been to school, and quickly learns what is appropriate and not appropriate. Sadie is a sweet, adorable, and slightly mischievous character. Young children will laugh out loud when Sadie passes gas in the classroom and picks her nose with a paintbrush. Sadie is ridiculed by her fellow classmates for being different, but she is resilient and shows kindness to her classmates by sharing her favourite food with another child. The book has an important message about equality, diversity and inclusion, and will help to develop kindness and compassion amongst younger readers.

The illustrations are bright, engaging and captivating for younger audiences.

Star rating: 5 Stars

Summary: A fun and laugh out loud picture book about a little sasquatch and her eventful first day at kindergarten.

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