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Amy Landgraf

Good Night, Sweet Peas

Will Grammy and Grampy Pea ever get their little peas to bed?

Five little and mischievous Sweet Peas have fun playing in the garden, swinging from the vines, rolling in the mud, building a fort and digging for bugs. As one excited little pea zooms around the garden, the other peas take chase and try to catch him. But as night falls, Grammy Pea calls time on the fun and the five little Sweet Peas must clean up all the mess they have created. Grampy Pea helps the little peas brush their teeth and Grammy Pea reads a bedtime story. As the peas squeeze into their pod, they drift off to sleep. But as the peas dream sweet dreams, they are suddenly wakened by a rather unpleasant smell!

Good Night, Sweet Peas (A Rollie Pollie Pea Book) by debut author Amy Landgraf is a delightful and fun picture book for younger readers, about five cute but very mischievous, little peas. Landgraf has created a fun setting for a picture book series, and unique and adorable little pea characters: Brie, Lee, Tea, Capri and Rollie Pollie.

This is a wonderful read-together book, that might encourage little ones to wash up, and settle down for a cosy bedtime story with their loved ones and caregivers. Beautifully written in rhyme, with bright and vibrant cartoon like illustrations, this book will become a bedtime favourite for children and adults alike.

Star rating: 5 Stars

Summary: A fun picture book, beautifully written in rhyme, with unique and adorable little pea characters.

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