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Kyrie Wang

Forbidden Ties (Enemy's Keeper Series Book 1)

A medieval story for a younger generation, from author Kyrie Wang

Nine years after the Norman conquest of England, a young, orphaned, Watermill Keeper named Heather, becomes embroiled in the conflict between the two opposing sides of the Normans and the English rebels. After her home is ambushed by the rebels, Heather meets Toby, a young rebel leader who seeks revenge against the Normans. After Toby is brutally attacked and tortured, Heather helps him escape and unwittingly becomes a fugitive herself. She is later captured by the rebels and is taken on a treacherous journey through forests and overseas, where she learns more about her past, her adoptive family, and the man she once loved.

Forbidden Ties is a medieval fiction novel and the first book in the Enemy's Keeper Series. With a blend of history, politics, conflict, and romance, this is a captivating and fast-paced story, that will both entertain and educate young adult readers, and those interested in medieval fiction. Interspersed between the battles is the blossoming relationship between Heather and Toby, as they are drawn together and support each other, despite their differences. The characters are well developed, and Wang develops high levels of empathy for the lead characters, as they struggle to survive during a period of turmoil and political unrest.

This is a captivating read, and we hope to read the next instalment in the Enemy’s Keeper Series very soon.

Star Rating: 5 Stars


‘A captivating and fast-paced read, that will both entertain and educate young adult readers. A BRONZE WINNER and highly recommended.’

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