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Ryan Poirier

The Herd

Will Fox Canidae save his beloved factory and city from the villainous Doctor Monkeyshine and his criminal gang?

Foxy Fruits merges with Bodaceous Herbaceous and develops a new product - a genetically modified juice, crossed between a fruit and a vegetable. But just before the big launch of the new juice sensation, a disgruntled employee Professor Doctor Monkeyshine and his criminal gang (The Pack), alter the genetic code of the juice, and threaten to destroy the company and the city. The CEO of the company, Fox Canidae, must act fast to beat The Pack and to save his family, his company, and the whole of Maple City.

The Herd: Volume 1 Omnibus is a unique and creative graphic novel, full of wit and humour. Poirier has created an extraordinary fantasy world like no other. The characters, the plot, the book design, and every minutia of detail has been well thought through and excellently presented. The work and effort gone into the production of this book is remarkable.

The digital illustrations are magnificent. The author has a real talent for digital, cartoon illustrations. The book captures every expression, every moment, and every scene beautifully.

This book is on the lengthier side for a graphic novel, but I was completely enthralled and found it hard to put down. I can’t wait to read part 2!

Star Rating: 5 Stars


‘An imaginative story, with magnificent digital artwork’. A FINALIST and highly recommended.

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