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Molly Awiszus

Puddles of Windrush Farm

Darby the sheep-herd dog makes a remarkable discovery at Windrush Farm, by author Molly Awiszus

Roland is out in the fields one day, when his sheep-herding dog, Darby, finds an abandoned egg by a pond. Darby refuses to move until Roland collects the egg and takes it home to Windrush Farm. The family keep the egg safe and warm in an egg incubator, turning it several times every day, just as a mother duck would. After three weeks, a tiny mallard duckling breaks free from the egg. The duckling is named Puddles and soon becomes an integral part of the family, following Roland everywhere, playing with the dog and snuggling with the children. At four months old, Puddles disappeared for a few months and returned back to Windrush Farm, with a mate in tow, the following spring.

For three more years, Puddles and her mate migrated south to warmer climates during fall and winter, and returned back to the farm in spring. Roland built a special duck house on Windrush Farm Pond, where Puddles nested and laid her own eggs. Soon, there was a brood of tiny ducklings waddling around Windrush Farm. Puddles was last seen at the farm in 2017, at eighteen years old.

This is a charming and sweet picture book, beautifully told by Awiszus who shares fond memories of her time volunteering at the farm. Based on a real-life story, Awiszus was inspired to write the book, after Roland and his wife told her the story of the abandoned egg and the duckling that became part of their family. Illustrator Lisa Greenleaf beautifully captures the farm scenes.

The book contains further information about the farm, and a percentage of the profits from the sale of the book go to the farm.

Star Rating: 5 Stars


‘A charming and sweet picture book about an abandoned egg and a duckling who becomes part of the family at Windrush Farm. A FINALIST and highly recommended.’

Molly Awiszus
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