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Michelle Medlock Adams

Dachshund Through the Snow

Crosby saves Christmas, from author Michelle Medlock Adams

Crosby is the world’s teeniest-weeniest Weiner dog. Despite his tiny proportions he has a big ambition – to compete in the Arctic Animal Olympics! He was prepared. He’d done the training. He was ready. But as race day arrived, Crosby started to have second thoughts. The bigger, stronger competitors laughed and taunted Crosby about his size. Poor Crosby, desperate to flee, dug and dug and dug deep into the snow until he stumbled across a cave. Inside the cave, he found Santa and his reindeer in desperate need of help. Rudolph was missing and Santa needed someone to find him. Crosby knew just what to do. Will Crosby find Rudolph? And can the world’s teeniest-weeniest Weiner dog save Christmas?

This is a fantastic, festive picture book about a tiny little pup who finds the inner strength to carry on when all hope is lost. You can’t help but to love Crosby, he is the cutest, most adorable pup with miniature proportions and the biggest heart. With strength and determination, he proved to all those who doubted and mocked him, that he can achieve great things. This is a great message to all that your physical size doesn’t matter, it’s the size of your heart that really counts.

We look forward to reading more from Michelle Medlock Adams and hope Crosby will feature in his own book series. The illustrations by Ana Sebastian are magical.

Star Rating: 5 Stars


‘A fantastic, festive picture book about a tiny little pup with the biggest heart. A FINALIST and highly recommended.’

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