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Leah Ingledew

Where's My Shell?

Help find a tiny turtle a brand-new shell, with author and illustrator Leah Ingledew

He is small, he is scared, and he is naked. He is a teeny, tiny turtle with a rather big problem. He appears to have lost his shell. A shell that protects him from the elements, and from pesky predators that might gobble him up at any moment. But (thankfully) no-one wants to eat the naked tiny turtle, because without his shell no-one can quite figure out who or what exactly he is! So the tiny turtle sets off to find a new shell, and with a little help from his coastal friends, he tries on many new shell-like substitutes for size. The seaweed is too scratchy, the pebble is too tough, and the hermit-crab’s shell is already rather occupied. The tiny turtle finally finds his perfect shell, just in time to help a slimy sea snail. A slimy sea snail who is small, scared, and naked. A slimy sea snail with a rather big problem…

This is a fabulous and fun picture book for young children. It is well written by Ingledew, with great use of repetition and alliteration. This is a great read aloud story where children will love to repeat the phrases and the tongue-twisting names of all the creatures. They will laugh at the turtles’ antics and his unsuccessful attempts to find a suitable shell. They will adore the little turtle character and enjoy the glorious coastal scenes, beautifully illustrated by Ingledew.

Leah Ingledew has an amazing talent for both illustration and storytelling and we look forward to watching her progress further in this artform.

Star Rating: 5 Stars


‘A fabulous and fun picture book with an adorable main character. Well written and beautifully illustrated. A BRONZE WINNER and highly recommended.’

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