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Joanne Russo Insull

Sarah and the Crows Clean Up

A wonderful book by author Joanne Russo Insull about Sarah and her incredibly special feathered friends.

Sarah has a rather unusual and rather special friendship with a murder of crows. Sounds scary doesn’t it, but actually crows are beautiful, friendly birds with an incredible talent.

Every day, Sarah feeds the crows peanuts and provides fresh water for them to drink. The crows recognise Sarah, and they show their appreciation by offering her all types of weird and wonderful gifts. A feather, a tiny piece of tin foil, bottle caps and even a chicken bone! Sarah has an idea. If a tiny crow can pick up small pieces of trash, then collectively, humans and crows could make an enormous difference to the environment. So Sarah brings her friends together to help the crows clean up the park and recycle the trash. Sarah is given a Good Citizenship Award from the Mayor and the crows are rewarded with a big box of peanuts.

The book provides extraordinary insights into the behaviours of crows, and how humans can learn from their ingenious ways of collecting trash. Inspired by real life stories of crows that have been trained to pick up trash, the author presents a novel way to clean up the environment. The book will inspire children to take care of wildlife and the environment. With supporting notes and additional resources for teachers and parents, the book will prompt further discussions about wildlife, the environmental impacts of waste and the importance of recycling.

Beautiful, soft pastel illustrations by Kelly Artieri.

Star Rating: 5 Stars


‘This book will change your perspective on crows forever. A superb, entertaining, and educational read for adults and children alike.’ A FINALIST and highly recommended.’

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