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Janet Lau

The Little Grey Pig: A Story About Self-Confidence

Little Grey Pig has a big challenge to create something beautiful for a special garden party, from author Janet Lau

Little Grey Pig goes shopping and finds aeroplanes and beautiful dresses in the store. But Little Grey Pig has no money to buy a new aeroplane or dress, and no money to buy tools or materials. So Little Grey Pig comes up with a great idea – she decides to create them herself, with resources she already has at home. She spends hours and hours building and making, but when her projects are complete, Little Grey Pig isn’t too happy. Her aeroplane falls apart mid-air, and people make fun of her home-made dress. A wise owl, Owletta, provides comfort and support, and gives the Little Grey Pig a big challenge – to build new aeroplanes and create a new dress for a special garden party.

This is a lovely story about a creative little pig who is determined to create something beautiful herself, but when things don’t quite go to plan, she has the strength and courage to carry on. The book will encourage young readers to be proud of their achievements, no matter how small. It will encourage children to learn from their mistakes and to persevere when things might get tough. The book shows that things don’t have to be perfect to enjoy them, the best creations are the ones made from hard work and love.

We loved the adorable characters, beautifully illustrated by Angela Gooliaff. With supporting notes and activities for readers to complete in the book, the book will help to develop confidence and self-esteem in young children.

Star Rating: 5 Stars


‘A lovely story about a creative little pig who has the strength and courage to carry on, when things don’t quite go according to plan. A FINALIST and highly recommended.’

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