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Deborah Wade

Always In Your Heart

Always In Your Heart is a picture book for younger children exploring grief and loss, by author Deborah Wade.

Always in Your Heart, written by Deb Wade and illustrated by Tim McGee, is a deeply moving children’s picture book about love, loss, and grief. It follows a number of families with children and their experiences of losing a treasured loved one. The children miss their loved ones deeply, and recall precious memories of cherished times they have spent together.

The book encourages children to think about and visualise their loved ones and to remember the good times – the hugs and kisses, singing silly songs, reading stories together, and outdoor adventures, fishing and feeding the birds. It also shows children that it is okay to miss their loved ones. That it is okay to cry and be sad. That it is okay not to be okay.

The book is a great resource for families who have experienced the loss of loved one, or for those who want to open up conversations about death and grief. With supporting questions for the reader, the book will encourage parents, carers, and children to talk about their own grief, and to discuss their thoughts, emotions, and memories of those who have sadly passed.

Beautifully simple illustrations by Tim McGee capture the love, sadness, and sentiment perfectly.

Star Rating: 5 Stars


‘A deeply moving picture book for younger children, exploring the important topics of love, loss and grief’. A FINALIST and highly recommended.’

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