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Stephen Alder

Deehabta's Song

One woman’s journey to find her true self, from author Stephen Alder

Deehabta’s Song is set on the futuristic planet of Erunanta (Roon). We first meet the main character Krissa in 4025 AFS (After First Settlement), in her sixties, one day away from retirement as a government official in the Great Library. As Krissa looks forward to a new chapter in her life, she decides to bring in a roommate, and a young woman named Jo moves into her home.

We next see Krissa as a young woman in her thirties, in 3995 AFS, where she teaches a style of martial arts which has originated from the neighbouring planet, Caderyn. We learn that this fighting style was banned following the interplanetary war between Roon and Caderyn, due to the prohibition against the spread of Caderyn military tactics. As a result, Krissa is subjected to harassment and abuse by the EPF (Emperor’s Protection Force).

Back in 4025, Krissa is troubled and experiences unusual feelings and nightmares, as a result of her experiences during the war. Jo notices that Krissa possesses mysterious qualities and supports her to travel back to Caderyn where she learns the truth about her real identity and is finally set free from her past trauma.

Deehabta’s song by Stephen Alder is an imaginative and thrilling science fantasy novel, set in a futuristic world, over two time periods. This is a well written and cleverly crafted story, with a gripping, well-developed plot, and relatable, realistic characters. Alder has created a rich, futuristic world and he builds momentum and suspense through movement between two different time periods.

The book will appeal to those who enjoy both science fiction and fantasy.

Star Rating: 5 Stars


‘A cleverly crafted story, with a gripping plot, and realistic characters. A FINALIST and highly recommended.’

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