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Romana King

House Poor No More: 9 Steps to Grow the Value of Your Home and Net Worth

Nine steps to build long term wealth and financial independence from the value of your home, from author and real estate expert Romana King

House Poor No More is a handbook for homeowners that explains how to maintain your home, increase your property value, manage household expenses, take advantage of debt, and have a better quality of life as a homeowner. Romana King provides a range of practical tools and strategies for maintaining and protecting your home, and for increasing its value. With over twenty years of real estate experience, King explains the emotional and financial need for home ownership and sets out a nine-step plan to help homeowners make smarter and more strategic decisions.

House Poor No More is a valuable resource and a perfect home-buying gift for those thinking about buying their first home, or those new to homeownership. It will also appeal to those who might be more seasoned homebuyers, looking to make the most out of their investment. The book provides practical tools, hints, and tips, which are easy to understand and use by the average homeowner.

The book will help homeowners with planning and decision making to build long term wealth and financial independence.

I reviewed a copy of this book for Readers Choice Book Awards, but this one is definitely a keeper! I am sure I will refer back to this book, time and time again.

Star Rating: 5 Stars


‘An essential read for homebuyers everywhere. A FINALIST and highly recommended.’

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