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Paula Welch

A River of Fortune

An ordinary woman, in an ordinary town, finds her extraordinary self, from debut author Paula Welch

Maggie Malloy, an ordinary and predictable young woman, is made redundant from her job along with her friends. Months later, while taking a hike by the river, she stumbles across a discarded security case and takes it home. She opens the case and finds 1.2 million pounds inside. Maggie decides to fulfil a promise to her late, dear friend, to be adventurous and spontaneous, and decides to keep the money. She seeks the help of her closest friends to set up a charitable fund, and uses the cash to bring much needed investment to their small town in Devon.

Meanwhile, the criminals who stole (and lost) the case, and greedy, corrupt politicians, are desperately searching for the security case. Unbeknown to Maggie, a small electronic pocketbook is hidden inside a black box within the case, and is far more valuable than the money.

The towns rapid regeneration eventually brings unwelcome attention to the charity’s finances. Maggie and her friends’ lives are put in danger as the criminals try to retrieve the pocketbook. However, the British intelligence Service GCHQ are also searching for the pocketbook and must catch the culprits before the secrets of the British government are exposed.

A River of Fortune by Paula Welch is an enthralling, action packed novel, where a series of accidental events turn one woman’s life from ordinary to extraordinary. Set in a small provincial town in England, Maggie's determination brings her back to life, but in doing so, she is unwittingly exposed to danger. Maggie’s character is well developed, and her confidence grows throughout the book, as she fulfils her friends dying wish to be extraordinary.

Overall, this is an action-packed crime fiction book, with a charming protagonist, a smattering of romance and a feel-good factor.

Star Rating: 5 Stars


‘An enthralling, action packed novel, where a series of accidental events turns one woman’s life from ordinary to extraordinary. A FINALIST and highly recommended.’

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