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Mrs. Anthony

I Am Woman... : Book One: My Journey, My Tony

A deeply moving and powerful memoir from author, Mrs Anthony

Mrs Anthony recalls happy memories growing up with loving parents in Malaysia, and playing with her older brother Shiv, and their friends and neighbours. We follow her through adolescence and young adulthood, as she falls in love with an old childhood classmate and the man of her dreams, Tony. Despite their different social and religious backgrounds the couple marry and look forward to a long and happy future together. Tony is loving, attentive and kind, everything Mrs Anthony wanted in a husband, but their marriage is thrown into turmoil, when Tony’s business starts to fail. On a path of self-destruction, Tony spends increasing amounts of time in the pub, and becomes dependent on alcohol. As Tony makes reckless business decisions and squanders their money, Mrs Anthony is left alone to care for their two young children and manage her own tutoring business. Mrs Anthony desperately tries to save her marriage and the couple move in with her parents. But as Tony’s alcohol use escalates, his health inevitably deteriorates and Mrs Anthony and her family face unimaginable loss and pain.

I Am Woman is a deeply moving and powerful memoir from Mrs Anthony, as she tells the story of her life and the love she shared with her beloved husband, ‘captain’ Tony. This is a heart-wrenching story, eloquently and compassionately told by Mrs Anthony, as she describes her love, pain, despair, and helplessness as she watches her husband’s alcohol addiction spiral out of control. This book is a real and honest account of one woman’s strength and determination to protect her family from this dreadful disease. It shows the devastation caused by alcohol addiction and will provide comfort to those impacted by the disease, that they are not alone.

Star Rating: 5 Stars


‘A heart-wrenching story from Mrs Anthony about the devastating impact of alcohol addiction. A FINALIST and highly recommended.’

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